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ArcGIS 10.3 GeocodeServer and JS 3.12 Geocoder Widget

Question asked by jay.gregory on Dec 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2015 by MDriscoll-esristaff

I have a 10.3 Geocode Server with suggest enabled, and trying to upgrade my applications with the geocoder widget using 3.12 JS API.  Previous versions (10.2 Server and 3.11 API) worked great with auto suggest and auto navigate, and the Esri's world geocoding service plays very nicely with the geocoder widget at 3.12 (particularly like the highlightLocation feature), but everything seems broken with a custom GeocodeServer.  Autosuggest doesn't work, auto navigate doesn't work even when you choose an exact match, etc. etc.  Is this supposed to work with the geocode widget or do we have to write custom functionality (using the suggest and grabbing the magickey and then doing single line input).  Seems like 10.3 has come slightly ahead of 3.12 API - do we have to wait until 3.13 or 4.0 for this to be fixed, or is it a bug?


Here is my source code: