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queryRelatedFeaturesWithParameters - Offline Related Table

Question asked by ccole3390 on Dec 17, 2014



Is -queryRelatedFeaturesWithParameters() the only method that can be used when querying a non-spatial offline table? It seems that the AGSRelationshipQuery class assumes that we use the OBJECTID as the link between the feature table and related table, which my application does not.


In my application, we allow the user to specify any field they want as the link. For example, 'HydrantID' could be the common linking field between our feature table and related table.


As always, we have used the AGSQuery class for querying related records, using a custom 'where' clause. Unless I'm mistaken, this custom 'where' clause does not exist in the AGSRelationshipQuery object. This is the problem. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to query an offline related table without using the OBJECTID as the link?