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ArcGIS .Net Runtime, TextSymbol class issue (Offset)

Question asked by WMELEE on Dec 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2015 by ASwelam-esristaff

private LabelProperties InitLabels()


            LabelProperties property = new LabelProperties();

            AttributeLabelClass attrLabel = new AttributeLabelClass();

            attrLabel.TextExpression = string.Format("[{0}]", attributeLabel);

            attrLabel.LabelPosition = LabelPosition.FixedPositionWithOverlaps;

            attrLabel.Symbol = new TextSymbol


                BackgroundColor = Colors.Yellow,

                Color = Colors.Black,

                YOffset = 200



            attrLabel.IsWordWrapEnabled = true;

            attrLabel.WordWrapLength = 30;



            return property;



I have a simple method to create a label property to apply to a GraphicsOverlay. After applying the above, the label offset does not seem to be offsetting the labels at all.

A value of 200 should display the label significantly far away from the actual graphic point but no change is noticed. The same method is applied to a GraphicsLayer but no change is seen.


Is there a fix to this?