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Memory crash issues for custom tiled layers. Slow rendering?

Question asked by on Dec 13, 2014
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We have a map with 6 custom tiled layers. Tiles are loaded from a local storage. I might be wrong, but it looks like tiles are loaded faster than the map is able to render, so when we do a lot of paning/zooming the map renderer is accumulating images and the application crashes because of memory warnings. It's more markable when profiling, because the rendering is very slower there. Is there any queue for the map renderer? Can we check how many images are in the renderer's queue or do you have any idea how to avoid memory warnings?


Maybe a related issue is that a tiled layer is requesting more tiles than needed. From the documentation it should be only requesting tiles for the visible map extent when the bufferFactor is set to 1 (default value), however it's requesting much more tiles. It looks like the loading tiles extent is always 200% of the visible map extent. We see the same problem on Android where we also have memory warnings.


Thank you.