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Raster save method in python window arcmap 10.2

Question asked by janneke on Dec 11, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2014 by curtvprice


i try to execute the following commands in the python window

(the spatial analyst extension is checked out)


import arcpy
from import *

# Set Mask environment
arcpy.env.mask = r'mask'

temp = Raster("rasterA") - Raster("rasterB")"Result")



RasterA and rasterB are in my dataframe.

After executing temp = Raster("rasterA") - Raster("rasterB")

a raster 'temp' appears in my dataframe (source = temporary raster 'minus_ras' in my default geodatabase.


if a then execute"Result")

I get the following Arcmap drawing error:

"One or more layers failed to draw:

temp:  The table was not found. [fras_blk_minus_ras]
temp:  The table was not found."


In the geodatabase an entry "Result" can be found, but it's a File Geodatabase Table instead of a File Geodatabase Raster, and I can't add it to my dataframe..


Anybody knows what's going wrong?