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Updating domain/coded values in an offline setup

Question asked by jungelpost on Dec 11, 2014
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An app use the AGSPopupsContainerViewController for offline feature editing (AGSGDBFeatures obtained from an offline synced AGSGDBFeatureTable). The popups editor is nice and implementation is efficient.. But this setup seem to have some limitations:


The administrator of this app sometimes needs to do domain changes to the feature services, i.e adding coded values for some of the fields.


Now, these changes does not seem to propagate out to the clients when synchonizing the offline database.


I´ve been able to work around this by setting up a temporary AGSFeatureLayer with a corresponding AGSFeature, matching the AGSGDB table and feature.. But yeah, it´s not a very pretty fix.


Any ideas on how to make a better solution to this?