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Raster with Streched Symbology not exporting correctly using DDP

Question asked by thanos_cp78 on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by thanos_cp78

Hi guys,


I have this ddp with a ground elevation grid with a stretched symbology. When I try to do some test exports, not all page comes out right with the imagery. Sometimes the grid is all red or all blue. I have some snapshots below of good (left) and bad (right) result of the ddp exporting,


Aside from the stretched symbology, I have further settings for my raster as below,


So basically, my raster value max-min range change for each visible in the current page extent. And I apply the same dynamic behaviour to my raster legend entry. Now the issue is I cannot seems to make them export correctly if by batch, it works for single export.


Is there a limitation on the ddp exports if dealing with rasters setup the way I did.