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Heatmap printing with ArcGIS Javascript API Export_Web_Map task

Question asked by xuejinruan on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by gokuSan

I have a point feature layer published as a FeatureService to ArcGIS Server. On the client side I use "esri/renderers/HeatmapRenderer" to render it as a heat map. And then I try to use ArcGIS Server default printing tool to print the heatmap, but I get an error message as below:


"Error executing tool.: Layer "graphicsLayer2": Unsupported 'type' in renderer: heatmap.
Failed to execute (Export Web Map).
Failed to execute (Export Web Map Task)."


I also try to create the heatmap using Patrick Weid's heatmap.js (heatmap.js | Dynamic Heatmaps for the Web). And again, I can't print it with ArcGIS Server's printing tool.


I am wondering whether there is anyone out there who has successfully printed out a heatmap.