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Making a Line Callout Listing Multiple Attributes (including an image)

Question asked by jarideout on Dec 4, 2014
Latest reply on May 2, 2015 by sephefox

I am making a map that shows the locations of road signs recorded during a recent survey.  I would like to label these points with a callout that lists several of the attributes (including a symbol for the type of sign).  I have only a basic skill level with ArcMap, so I am not even sure if this is something I can accomplish.  I have been searching for examples or tutorials for a couple of days now, so I thought I might fish for some advice here.


First, I'm not even sure what exactly I should be searching for -- does a label like this have a special name?? 


Also, is this something that can be accomplished just by using Maplex advanced labeling, or would this be way over the head of a beginner?


I am attaching two examples of what I am envisioning. Ideally, I would like to include 8 different attributes in the callout label: the sign symbol, coordinates, accompanying signs, condition, visibility, and date.  Being able to label my points in any way that is similar to these examples would be great!!





If anyone could offer any advice or direct me to an existing tutorial or discussion that explains how to make this kind of label, I would be eternally grateful!! [Please remember, I am still a beginner!!]



Thanks in advance!!