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Can't add CSV layer with address components to Portal 10.2.2

Question asked by jay.gregory on Dec 4, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2014 by randall_williams-esristaff

According to this I am supposed to be able to add a csv file with address (City, State, Zip, etc) components, and Portal for ArcGIS can geocode those locations and add them as a layer to the map.  I can do this with CSVs with point (lat/lon) coordinates just fine, but whenever I try with address components, I get an error that says: "File does not seem to contain fields with point coordinates."  I have tried with Esri's default geocoder as well as my own (which supports city/state geocoding) but it still doesn't work.  I can accept if this functionality isn't supported in Portal, but the documentation clearly says it does.  Is there something I'm doing wrong? (Also, I tested the same in ArcGIS for Organizations, and it worked, so there is no problem with my CSV).  I have also tried using the Add from File button in Portal, but I get the same error.