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Direct connect from ArcIMS to ArcSDE/Oracle

Question asked by oyefisayo on Dec 3, 2014

Hi Experts,


Currently working on a client setup and will need to speed up ArcIMS 10 by having a direct connection to Oracle 10g geodatabase.


I tested the layer access using the command


sdelayer -o describe -u <projectname> -p <password>@service_name -i sde:oracle10g and this successfully listed all available feature classes to which the current schema (projectname) has access.


Repeating this same process using the SDEWORKSPACE parameters within my .axl file produced the error displayed below.

Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.esri.sde.sdk.client.JGsrvr

    at com.esri.sde.sdk.client.SeConnection.x(Unknown Source)

    at com.esri.sde.sdk.client.SeConnection.<init>(Unknown Source)






Is it possible that ArcSDE Java SDK is not bundled with the ArcSDE 10.0




Can anyone share a good practice for connecting ArcIMS 10 directly to Oracle database?



  1. Ps. I am having similar errors using Add layers -> Add ArcSDE Connection workflow on ArcIMS Author