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Cannot use Select By Attributes or Def Query with Join in Versioned SDE

Question asked by wllm1313 on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2014 by MLF

I am working in a company that uses a versioned SDE database to manage our work flows and we have run into the following problem, when a user, who is not the administrator of the SDE database, creates a feature class it gets tagged with that users ID in the SDE database.




USA."CompanyName\user".USA_Counties as apposed to the administrator created file which looks like USA.DBO.USA_Counties


This isn't a huge issue except when you attempt to join the attribute table of this feature class to another table and then query it using either select by attributes or a definition query because instead of using field aliases arc populates the GUI with full field names that include the "" and \ which precipitates a error when you try to write a query.




USA."CompanyName\user".USA_Counties.County_Name = 'Greene'




"There was a problem selecting

An invalid SQL statement was used."


Does anyone know of a work around so that our users can create their own content and still use basic functionality or is the only solution that the DBO administrator has to create all of the content for our entire company?





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