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eSearch URL Search not pulling anything up

Question asked by maxmasters on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by rscheitlin

I'm working on a local machine with WAB 1.0Beta3 installed and I'm trying to configure the Enhanced Search Widget to utilize the URL Search capability.  When I use the search in the url - for example: http://max-laptop:3344/webappbuilder/apps/2/?esearch=r0024296&slayer=1&exprnum=0 is what I have set up right now.  It doesn't give me an error, it just zooms to the extent of the map and doesn't zoom to the particular parcel.


I see at the end of the Help document for the Enhanced Search widget that it lists the instructions for the URL search.  Maybe I'm not editing the config.json properly to get the widget to open at start.  Does anyone have a config.json that they could share where they have this search working properly?


Does this need to be deployed to a web server to work properly?  Or should the test on my local machine work?


Thanks in advance,