ArcGIS public transit analysis tools

Discussion created by MMorang-esristaff Employee on Dec 2, 2014
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Hello, everyone.  There are several downloadable tools for public transit analysis in ArcGIS.  Please feel free to use these and to send feedback so we can make these tools better.


Add GTFS to a Network Dataset allows you to add GTFS data to an ArcGIS network dataset so you can run schedule-aware analyses using the Network Analyst tools.


BetterBusBuffers maps the frequency of transit service, showing either buffers around transit stops or user-selected input points, weighted by the number of transit trips available within a specified time window.


Display GTFS Route Shapes is a simple tool to generate a feature class of your GTFS route shapes for display on a map.


Edit GTFS Stop Locations allows you to edit your stop locations and/or attributes in ArcMap and generate an updated GTFS stops.txt file.


Generate GTFS Shapes allows you to create a shapes.txt file for your GTFS dataset using Network Analyst and the ArcMap editing tools.