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Non-editable vector data to offline use?

Question asked by tugiss on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2014 by tugiss

Hello, I would like to make an application to work offline. I have ArcGIS Server Services with sync capabilities and I'm able to create a replica for all the data that I need to edit offline and it's working great. I also have background map service that I can export tiles from and make a tile package for offline use. However, I'm wondering what is the best practice to get vector data from outside source to work offline. For example, I'm using property register data from a service that I'm not managing and not able to turn sync capability on. I don't need to be able to edit this data and in my understanding the sync is meant to be used only for data that needs to be edited. Should I use map packages in this case? From documentation I understood that I can create LocalMapService from map package in Runtime and add layers from it to my MapView, but can I perform Identify and Query task on these layers? Or is there some better way of doing this?




Tuukka Järvinen