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Custom widget and popup problem

Question asked by cornet.magis on Nov 26, 2014

Hi all,

In a custom widget, i add to the map a graphics layer which displayed differents query results.


I added a handle to the event click of this layer which display the map.infoWindow with a specific content.

With this configuration, the popup displa yon click and close in no time.


If i add a setTimeOut (500 ms) to open the infowindow, it works.


I assume that on graphic click :

- event click on graphics layer

- event click on map (handle by WAB to display the portal map popup ?)

   -> this handle may close the popup because no "standard" (e.g. define in the portal map) feature under ?


Is this a proper way (than settimeout) to deal with this ?

I don't need WAB popup so is there a way to disconnect WAB map click handling (with reference to this handle, i could use dojo.disconnect) ?