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How do I create a list of features with certain attributes in layout mode?

Question asked by mcmillanje on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2014 by mcmillanje

First off, I'm very new to arcmap but have a general understanding and have worked with python before (although not in this application).


I have a map book that I'm using data driven pages with to display specific regions as outlined by a layer of polygons. I have another layer full of smaller polygons based on the county parcel map. Using the join feature I created a layer that has each of the parcel polygons each one has an attribute saying which of the larger region polygons it is inside.


In layout view, I want to list all the parcel polygon addresses that are within the current data driven page and have another attribute set to a specific value.


Dynamic text seems awfully rudimentary for these needs. How should I proceed?