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Question asked by rhughes522 on Nov 23, 2014
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The other day I was watching the Esri video from a recent developer's conference and watched as the demo person showed the web app builder for the first time.  I've been aware of the EsriWAB for a while, but during that demo I saw something new.  There was a button to access the JSON for the widgets from inside the Builder.  I want to be able to do that so our group can agree on something before we export out the code.  Once the code is out I plan on spending my time learning how the stem app works so that I can further customize.


How are developers able to modify code and themes while the app is still inside of the Web App Builder?  Does it require that the Web App Builder is run on Portal?  I think that is does, but have not been able to find documentation on this.  When asking for a machine to install my EDN ArcGIS Server on, I would like to know before hand whether hosting the Web App Builder on Portal will provide any benefits over the AGOL version.  Or is this dependent upon being part of the Web App Builder Beta Community?  I am interested in joining that, but even then I don't know what benefits it provides over the AGOL version.  Anyway, once I join the beta community will I then be able to edit code from inside the WAB?