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RegisterGeodatabaseAsync and versioned data

Question asked by johnselkirk on Nov 20, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by akajanus-esristaff

Is RegisterGeodatabaseAsync supported when the REST Endpoint backs onto versioned data?


The reason I ask is that after generating a SQLite geodatabase on one device, transferring it to another device and calling RegisterGeodatabaseAsync I get the following error:


Message: "Error code '500' : 'Unable to complete operation.'\r\nFailed to register replica on the server."


I looked at the logs on the server and the following error message exists:


Error: An error occurred while adding an entry to the FEATUREDATASET_CLASSES or the FEATURECLASSES table. [Read only data or unversioned data cannot be replicated. Data versioned with the option to move edits to base cannot be replicated. GlobalIDs are required for two way and one way replica data. Creating one way replica using archiving requires archiving the replicated parent data.]. Version not found [GIS.Ags_Fs_1416518016983_7280]. Version not found [GIS.Ags_Fs_1416518016983_7280]. Version not found [GIS.Ags_Fs_1416518016983_7280]. Version not found [GIS.Ags_Fs_1416518016983_7280]. Version not found [GIS.Ags_Fs_1416518016983_7280]. Version not found [GIS.Ags_Fs_1416518016983_7280].


Looking at the GDB_ITEMS table in ArcSDE there is a record named 1416518016983 which has a unique ID of 7280:


If I look in the sde_versions table I can see a placeholder for that version:


It does not look like the same version name but I've had that before in error messages when using the ArcObjects APIs.


I know the 2nd half of this is in the server/replication teams domain but any suggestions would be great!