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Spatial Weights Matrix for Grouping Analysis

Question asked by jdkelly on Nov 21, 2014



I am conducting a grouping analysis of statewide management units based on a suite of relevant covariates or attributes for each management unit. Further, I have some a priori criteria that already splits the state into 3 groups. The analysis will create subgroups within these 3 parent groups.


I have tried running the analysis by splitting the 3 groups into seperate shapefiles and running the analysis for each shapefile. However, the tool does not like it when there is less than 30 features and takes exponentially longer.


I think I need to create a spatial weights matrix, but I am not sure how. I tried tricking the tool by creating a date variable and giving features belonging to the same parent group an equivalent date and then creating a spatial weights matrix using the time and space constraint. However, I think this is less than ideal because it does not consider any data that does not have a similar date.


Anyway, can anyone offer any advice on how to create a swm that would maintain the 3 parent groups??


Thank you!