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How can I find out when a python script ends when running from within VB.Net

Question asked by dalejs on Nov 19, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by dalejs

Hi, thanks for looking at mu question.  I am running a python script from within a application in ArcMap.  The script is called and creates a database, currently I run the script, visually check to see that the database is created then I run the next part of the application.  What I want to do is to eliminate me having to check to see that the database is created, so that when the python script ends the next part of the process can continue on from code.


So is there someway I can halt the code from executing until the python script is done.  What happens is if I try this is that the code fires off the python script and the code continues on before the database is created.


Thanks for your time.  Dale,