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How do you limit the number of alerts?

Question asked by katiekat466 on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2014 by katiekat466

I would like to understand how to limit the number of event-triggering alerts in GeoEvent Processor.


When I add the Filter in my Service, this allowed all identified events to trigger the alert, as described in the reference material  "Introduction to GeoEvent Processor - Module 3" (page 23), but I could not get the same behavior from the Incident Detector that was described in Module 5 (page 4). I also could not figure out how to limit the alerts so that only one alert is sent when the point is inside the polygon.


GEOMETRY = Point features from ArcGIS Server (FeatureServer Service)

dev-alerts/* = GeoFence polygons from ArcGIS Server (FeatureServer Service)