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Simple Edit widget syntax question

Question asked by MegPeterson on Nov 17, 2014
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Hi all -


I have one feature in my .mxd that I have successfully published as a feature and map service. The feature is registered in a versioned enterprise database.


For that life of me I can't seem to follow the example in configuring the main config.xml and edit.xml to view and edit the feature layer. I'm going bonkers. I keep getting error #1090 (a problem occurred while parsing the config.xml).


The tags in the operational layers look like:



   <layer label="Edit file" type="feature" visible="false" alpha="1" url="http......../FeatureServer/0"</layer>

   <layer label="View file" type="dynamic" visible="true" alpha="1" url="http..........MapServer"</layer>


And my Edit.xml calls the <layer name="Edit file"> from the <layersettings>.


And help? Gah! (And thanks!)