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Creating data driven pages based on the values of an attribute?

Question asked by Sally_R on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by Sally_R

Is it possible to create data driven pages based on the values of an attribute, rather than a grid as the index?


For example I have track data in the form of a series of points. I would like a new map page for each unique track showing only the points for that track and my base layers. I have around 200 unique tracks and it is too hard to visualise the patterns of the tracks by just using different symbols for each track ID. The extent of each map page would be the same.


If I add the point data as my 'layer' in the layer field and then select the trackID as the 'Name Field', I just end up with pages showing the same thing


There may be another solution not based on data driven pages, but I can't find one.


Many thanks for you help.