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Debugging Locator Style XML

Question asked by glaukon on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by flin-esristaff

I have read the document 'Customizing Locators in ArcGIS 10', searched this forum, and the Internet in general, and still have a few unanswered questions regarding creating and debugging locator styles for non-US addresses. I use ArcGis 10.2.2 for Desktop with a Standard license.


I am trying to write a locator style for a European style of addresses in the form:


StreetName House#

Postcode Placename


I use Nokia HERE/NavTeq reference data and its Streets, AltStreets, and PointAddress spatial tables/feature classes. One difficulty is that the data is normalised and because of that I do not have all necessary fields required for geocoding in one table. For example, the Streets table that contains street segments, provides the following fields used in geocoding;


but, instead of providing the CityLeft and CityRight fields as well, it provides L_AREA_ID and R_AREA_ID which are foreign keys into another table. My current workaround is to join the two tables, rename the required fields and delete all the extra fields.


Q: Is there a way to specify this foreign key relationship in the reference data in the locator style XML, presumably in the <field_role> element (in ref_data_style|table_roles|field_roles)?


I have started with the provided locator style XML USAddress.lot.xml and am trying to strip it down as much as possible. At the moment I am stuck with the following error message when I try to add my Streets table as a Reference Data in the Create Locator Style dialog box:


ERROR 000046: Too many reference data tables for this style.


I do not get any errors if I use the same table in US Address - Dual Ranges locator style from the USAddress.lot.xml. I have attached the offending XML HRAddress.lot.xml. I would appreciate if somebody can have a look at the XML and tell me what I did wrongly.


Q: Is there a bare bones locator style XML template for dual range addresses that is freely available?


Since there is no proper reference manual available for the locator style XML, it would be very helpful if there is possibility to turn on verbose logging of the geocoding process inside ArcMap, from creating an address locator to actually geocoding addresses.


Q: Is there a way to capture syntax and semantic errors inside the locator style XML (the output of the internal locator style parser, e.g. error message with the location of the offending line in the source XML)?


Q: Is there a way to debug locator style XML with some tool provided with the ArcGis 10.2.2 for Desktop?



Thanks in advance, please let me know if I need to clarify any of my questions.