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Story Maps : Spyglass App : Control the maximum scale level

Question asked by MChilcott on Nov 9, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2014 by conabio_sig

Hi Peoples,


I have created a web map in ArcGIS Online that has two layers.  The top layer is a cached map service, which goes down to level 18, and the basemap is a cached image service that goes down to level 19.


When I create a Spy Glass app from the map, the app allows me to zoom down to level 18, at which point all is good, but then it allows me to zoom to level 19, in which case I have data in the basemap, but not in the top layer.  The result is there is no data in the spy glass, which looks a bit average.


I need to be able to tell the app that level 18 is the most it should zoom into.


Anyone know how to achieve this with the app hosted in ArcGIS Online?