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Please Help With Find/Delete Identical

Question asked by jgslauen on Nov 5, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by matthias1983

Hi all,


Can someone please help?


I have an SDE feature class of utility poles.  Many (On the order of 10,000) of these pole share duplicate geometry (directly on top of one another), but don't share identical attributes.  I want to remove the duplicates, however running delete identical won't necessarily preserve the attributes of the record I want to keep.


For example I have two poles on top of one another, one pole has unique attributes such as ID, Height or class, the other does not.  How do I tell Arc to delete the pole WITHOUT these unique attributes?  Ideally I'd want to establish a hierarchy that says: if Height is Null then delete, or if pole class is null, delete or vice versa.  I don't want to simply delete the duplicate record, without preserving that pole that has the most relevant information on a series of attributes.  I tried looking at it manually, but there would be thousands of records to sort through.


It sounds like I will need bit more of a complex script to identify and delete the non-unique records.  Time is a factor ...  any resources, code or otherwise would be greatly appreciated.