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Batch buffer with different sizes within a specified area.

Question asked by meethyl on Nov 4, 2014
def ResZones(Layer, Buffer):     try:         arcpy.Buffer_analysis(Layer, "S:/Support Services/LGA Maps/buffer.shp" "Buffer", "FULL", "ROUND", "LIST", "Distance")     except arcpy.ExecuteError:         print arcpy.GetMessages(0)         arcpy.AddError(arcpy.GetMessages(0)) if __name__ == '__main__':     ResZones(T330, "35 meters")


I want to define a new function to do a batch buffer but with different buffer size for each feature class.


For example, line one with a  buffer of 35m and line 2 with a buffer of 10m and line 3 with a buffer of 6m.


After all the buffers are created, I would like to combine them into one.

I started with the above but already failing.


Please help.