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The Esri Story Maps gallery now contains examples of story maps that are embedded in web pages or linked to from web pages

Question asked by ressinger-esristaff Employee on Nov 3, 2014

You've made a story map. But what's the best way to get it in front of your audience? You can embed story maps in the pages in your website, or add links to them. To help give you some ideas, we've enhanced the Esri Story Maps gallery to add some good examples showing some of the ways that story maps have been embedded in web pages or included in web pages via links or galleries. Have a look at these examples to get some ideas of how to present your story maps to your audience by integrating them into your web pages, website, articles, or blog posts. In the Esri Story Maps gallery look for the Format option in the list of filters on the left and choose 'Embedded/Linked'. Or just click this link to open the gallery with that filter already applied.