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Unable to download map using Tile Layer published from tile package (AppFramework error 5.)

Question asked by knoop on Nov 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by knoop

Using Collector 10.2.7 for iOS I am receiving "AppFramework error 5." when I try to download a map that includes a Tile Layer published from an uploaded tile package.  Viewing the service URL for the tile layer, it looks like the problem is to that it has "Export Tiles Allowed" set to "false".  I'm not sure if there is a step along the way where I could have set that value to true?  If I manually go in and change it to true (by going to .../rest/admin/services... and using "Edit" to change that value), then everything works fine.


So, is there a step I missing where I can make sure the exporting of tiles is allowed, or a place in the regular ArcGIS Online interface to set it?  I'm starting in ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2.2 and publish the tile package via Share As --> Tile Package.  I choose to have it uploaded to my organizational instance of AGOL under the "Tile Package" options.  I then go to the item's details in AGOL and select "Publish".  I don't see way during the publish process, or by editing the resulting tile layer's details to set the Export Tile value. Am I missing a step?