About Myself

Discussion created by Faroooqi on Oct 31, 2014

Hi, I am Sajid Mahmood Farooqi, an assistant professor of geography and a research student. My area of interest is Natural hazards and their socio-economic impact on the human habitation and socio-political impact of human habitation on the natural hazards. Currently I am working on the "Impact of perceived and actual risk of flood hazard on the settlement distribution pattern on the active flood plains: A case study of CHEJ interfluve Punjab Pakistan". I had also been published on the same topic in the "International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences India". Moreover I had worked for UNDP Pakistan for developing a training manual on the "Cyclone hazard Mitigation"  for the cyclone prone communities of Pakistan. During these ventures I developed an interest in GIS, and on my own without any formal training I have learned a lot about GIS applications specially ArcGis, and I am confident that I possess GIS skills of intermediate level, but still I have a keen interest to develope my skills further higher levels.