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Geomedia-equivalent steps for 3 Scenarios for Polylines in and out of Polygons

Question asked by DanBear on Oct 29, 2014
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I need to do this in Geomedia (or at least as much as possible).  I KNOW this is an ArcGIS forum but I would like to think that there are some Geomedia-knowledgeable people out there.  Really.  I do not know how much harder this has to be.   This should be GIS 101 but no! 


Please bear with me if you have read this before.  IF you do read this again, can you at least give me a suggestion of some kind as to how to proceed?


Keep in mind that the following is currently a 'guinea pig' exercise for the roads in one county in my state that will ultimately be applied to all of the other counties if a procedure can be worked out in Geomedia. 


I have a Polyline layer (roads) and a Polygon layer (Cities/Urban Areas).  I have a Points layer of all of the intersecting points for roads crossing the borders of the Urban Area.  The Roads layer is all of the roads that touch/have the same NAME as the points layer. 


What I need is this:

Scenario 1a:   a layer of all roads that start Inside of the Cities layer and end Outside of it.

Scenario 1b:  a layer of all roads that start Outside of the Cities layer and end Inside it.

Scenario 3:  a layer of all roads that cross the boundaries of the Cities layer more than once (i.e., starts outside, crosses both sides of a polygon, and then end outside of it).



I have tried a series of steps using Event Generation, Dynamic Segmentation with End points (and begin points), Spatial Querying if need be using Lines "contained by" and "Not Contained by" urban areas and joining those segments to the larger roads layer, but I just can't get the level of detail I need.   



Does it have to do with the fact that there are two separate types of query that I need for each layer?  As in, "all routes not contained by" and then "contained by" in the same query?    The Spatial Query function is nice but its limited. 

Doing the Dyn Seg with end points and then doing a Join to the larger roads network did alright but there were still screwy things.

I will attach something that will illustrate this but if you need more email me at my address below.


At one point (in ArcGIS) I Selected By Location all the Roads that Intersected the Boundary Points layer, created a .dbf of the selected roads layer, joined it to the larger roads layer by the NAME field and got all the segments of all the roads, created a shapefile, added a SCENARIO field, brought in the Urban Areas layer, and manually identified (selected each route and all its segements) which roads went with which scenario.


The above is the 'easy' way out, and if there is a county that has a sizeable number of roads, doing manual identification won't work, and especially given the somewhat awkward nature of Geomedia it will be even worse. 



AGAIN:   PLEASE EMAIL ANY SUGGESTIONS, and be as detailed as possible!


Thank you,


Daniel B