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10.2.2 Server Object Extension

Question asked by shepa006 on Oct 27, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by aepiscopoaeroterra-esridist

ESRI.ArcGIS.SOESupport reference doesn't exist.


I have not written an SOE before and am looking to create one, I've been told that performance on an SOE for tasks that will be run frequently or have high resource demands is better than using a geoprocessing service. I have Visual Studio 2013 and 2012 Pro installed on a Windows 7 machine. I have installed the ArcObjects SDK for .NET from the ArcGIS 10.2.2 Desktop and Server disks (hoping one would work). There isn't a template for VS 2013, but when I use VS 2012 I can go to New > Project > ArcGIS > Server Object Extension and there is a template for REST and SOAP projects using .NET 3.5 or 4.0. I have tried creating projects using .NET 3.5 and 4 and selecting the REST SOE project template. It doesn't matter what I do (I have also repaired and modified the SDK), every project that I create shows that ESRI.ArcGIS.SOESupport does not exist.


Error message: "The type or namespace name 'SOESupport' does not exist in the namespace 'ESRI.ArcGIS' (are you missing an assembly reference?)"


What am I missing?

I was going to start going through the walkthrough at ArcObjects Help for .NET developers , if there is a better or more current walkthrough please let me know.