Help! Weird error in ArcMap

Discussion created by on Oct 24, 2014
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I am working through Lesson 4 in the book Understanding ArcGIS , An ArcGIS Project Workbook. In this lesson I am selecting data by specific attributes to limit the spatial extent of my layers. (For example, I'm looking at parks in Los Angeles and I want only the parks that are at least an acre in size.)


I am midway through the lesson and a screenshot that I took seems to be stuck in my map. When I load my map from where I last saved it, it looks okay and I can work with the layers (click them on and off and so on). When I click "full extent" then it zooms out to a screenshot that I took a few days ago. I cannot delete the screenshot and when I zoom back in, I can no longer work with the layers. Do have any idea what the issue could be?