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10.2.2: Disabling extracting digital data from services,

Question asked by on Oct 23, 2014
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10.2.2: Disabling extracting digital data from services,


As one of the best ways to share data is services (for viewing purposes only in our case), then how come users can extract digital data from these services?




For example, if a service is added tothe Geocortex web mapping application which has very generic tool to extract data, then one can obtain this data from the service.





  1. Is there a setting in the ArcGIS Server to disable or disallow extracting digital data out of these services?


  1. If the service if published with “feature access”, then any user can change the data from the service



We still need to share the data but:

  1. To disable extracting data from the service
  2. To disable editing data from the service unless particular permissions are granted


Is that possible?


Locking the service will never solve the issue as those who are granted an access to it, can again extract data out of it





Thank you