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ArcGIS Open Data: "Service is down" using FeatureServices

Question asked by Schlomm_1 on Oct 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by adamcarto

Hello all,

I am currently working on a test website for a new OpenData portal including different sources of Feature Services. I am using ESRI's koop application (which serves Feature Services), some services from "an official ArcGIS Server" as well as a Feature Service, which is already in use by Detroit's DataDriven OpenData Portal and which is also running on an ESRI hosted service/server.


The above mentioned services are created using ArcGIS Online -> My Content -> Add Item. There I created the Feature Layers, which are now listed in the "My Content" Tab of ArcGIS Online. I can access the description as well as adding those services to a map in ArcGIS Online.

In general I follwed all steps, which are explained here: Enable Open Data capabilities—ArcGIS Open Data | ArcGIS This means: Creating a public group, with "designate as available for use in Open Data sites", which is of course added to my OpenData Portal. Additionally the Feature Services are shared with the corresponding group.


Using the "Data Report"-View I get for each of my service an error: "Service is down". There is also no dataset available for those services (check picture in the Attachments). But by clicking on the links, which forward me to the Feature Service, I get a valid response. They are online and accessible. Also adding these services to an ArcGIS Online map isn't a problem.

Using the OpenData Dashboard it's stated that the "Site has an Error".


Has anyone an idea, what could cause the problem? Does ArcGIS Open Data need some time to "parse" the data?

I could understand if the experimental stuff using koop would not work, but using the official ArcGIS services (also the Detroit Service) there should not be a problem.

Every help is much appreciated.





P.S.: @Moderators: Sorry for the inconveniences because I have edited my post more than one time. It was not clear to me that you have approve it each time.