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Add SQL Table, Convert to Shapefile and export to ArcGIS Server

Question asked by deleted-user-Pi5x1UjkS2PY on Oct 22, 2014
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I am very new to Python and very excited.  Moving from VBA.  The first mini project is to update my ArcGIS Server files.  I've heard you can do this with Python Scripting.  It would be great if I could automate this process.


Here is what I need to do:

Open up new project

Import a table from an SQL DB called "GISWEB.VW_MCYWEB" using an ODBC connection called "AR"

Make sure this file is webmercator because it is used in a JavaScript application

Convert this file to a shapefile called MCYWEB.shp


Then open up an MXD and Publish that MXD to the server.  The layers in the map are linked to the shapefile created earlier and already have symbology.

If possible have this run once a week.  


So is python this powerful?