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Deploy JavaScript application within IIS

Question asked by constan.amurrio on Oct 23, 2014

Hello to everyone.


I've developed an application using the ESRI's JavaScript API. My web services are deployed in an ArcGIS Server 10.2 machine. These services are working properly through a web adaptor and I can access the admin interface externally (using


Due to economical restrictions I have to deploy the app in the same machine where the services and the web adaptor are. By now, I have created a site in IIS and I am able to run it locally (localhost/sitename). The problems come when I try to use my sitename (and not localhost) to access the application. I want to use the web adaptor name for both the services interface and the application itself. I've tried few things:


  • If I set the web adaptor pool to my application site, I am able to load the application locally on the server (using, but the application is not totally loaded. Some of its resources throw a 503 error.
  • Using the web adaptor pool does not allow external access (503 error again). It is not a firewall issuee because I've set an inbound rule.
  • I've checked multiple configurations of the pool without success.


Does anyone have an idea on how to deploy, on the same machine, a Javascript application and give external access to it using the site name (the web adaptor name)? I have been taking a look to many resources without success.


Thanks in advance and sorry if these kind of questions are too obvious.