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error - Why ArcGIS Server  10.2 doesn't refresh raster layer that change in real time?

Question asked by Arpa_Piemonte_Geoportal on Oct 22, 2014

We have an AGS 10.2.2  weather radar map service that points to a simple  raster dataset  that refresh every 10 minutes.


The raster dataset is a little tiff file  in a raster catalog (unmanaged) that is overwritten by a script.


After the map service is started the image file changes constantly  in the catalog but the map service doesn't refresh the image served.


We tried to move the raster catalog from a registered file system to the ags server but nothing change.


The same service in AGS 9.3.1 works fine....

Is it a known bug?!?


Any idea or hel is higly appreciated.

Thank you