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Is it possible to know if models are touching each other?

Question asked by KennethLinformi-dk-esridist Employee on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by Holisticbynature

I got my building footprint, with a lot of buildings with different year of built, but a lot of those are totally aligned next to each other in different polygons. My big issue is that I don’t know which way CE would orientate those, so the front could actually be orientated to what visually is the side. Maybe there is a way to fix that, without manually go in and   orientate each building.


What I was thinking would be the easiest way (if possible) was prevent the rule from writing if faces are touching each other. Right know I got the same rule going around the building, which could work, but check the picture to see why this is not the best way. (Windows going to the neighbor wall)

If I could get this to work I could also specify my rule to only create a gable roof if the buildings are touching each other.