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Arcgis server SOE for filtering service based on user

Question asked by geopapadakis on Oct 14, 2014
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Suppose that i have a service based on a oracle spatial table. The table has an attribute with the username that has access rights to the specific row.

So when i hit the service through the javascript api i'd like the data to be filtered on the tokens username. I figured out how i can get the username inside the SOE using the following


Guid guid = Marshal.GenerateGuidForType(typeof(IServerEnvironment));

UID uid = new UIDClass();

uid.Value = guid.ToString("B");

IEnvironmentManager environmentManager = new EnvironmentManager() as IEnvironmentManager;

IServerEnvironment2 serverEnvironment = environmentManager.GetEnvironment(uid) as IServerEnvironment2;

userName = serverEnvironment.UserInfo.Name;

roles = serverEnvironment.UserInfo.Roles;

string role = roles.Next();


  role = roles.Next(); 


(role != null);


So how can i proceed in order to filter the data on the service