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ArcGIS Server - output send message

Question asked by dmortenson on Oct 13, 2014


I am running a geoprocessing script from JavaScript. The script s a python script and does several things, some are not gis related.  If I run into an error, I'd like to send the error message back to the user - or even send a message if it was successful.


My question is, in ArcCatalog, Toolbox - tool properties -> Parameters.

I have set a parameter of "result" as a string, Type = Derived, Direction = Output.


What do I do to make the resulting message come back to this  service?


I have made a very simple python script as an example.


def helloworld(a, b):

   z =  "Hello " + a + " and " + b

   print "Inside: " + z

   return z

import mod_hello

z = mod_hello.helloworld("Tom", "Carol Ann")

print "outside: " + z

result = z


How do I get the geoprocessing service to see "Hello Tom and Carol Ann" ?


Thank you.