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Creating a GeoTransformation from Name in ArcObjects and C#

Question asked by nasir_siddique on Oct 11, 2014



I have been trying to create a GeoTransformation from a name. Actually I am using an an ArcPy ListTransformations function. This function returns the list of GeoTransformation names as strings. Now after I get the names of GeoTransformation I need to create IGeoTranformation object in ArcObjects. I can use ISpatialReferenceFactory.CreateGeoTransformation method to create a IGeoTransformation object but it requires esriSRGeoTransformationType, esriSRGeoTransformation2Type, esriSRGeoTransformation3Type constants.


Now the question is that how can I create a GeoTransformation given that I have only the transformation Name as a string and not the enum that is required by ISpatialReferenceFactory.CreateGeoTransformation method.