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Python-Field Calculator Expression

Question asked by jgalyon on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2014 by jgalyon

I'm working on a model to create a field for Flood Risk.  What i'm needing to automate is that after the Flood Risk Field is added, i want to then calculate a risk of High, Moderate, or Low based on values from the Flood Risk Field using calculate field in modelbuilder.  So, I'm needing the statement to say something as listed below.  I'm fairly new to python and would appreciate any help for code to put into my field calculation.


If value in  Flood Zone is A,AE, AH, AO, etc then Flood Risk is High.

If value in Flood Zone is Whatever, then Flood Risk is Moderate.

If value in Flood Zone is X, then Flood Risk is Low.


FLD_ZONE                              FLD_RISK