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automate kriging of multiple (120) layers

Question asked by laurensahagun on Oct 6, 2014
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I am trying to find geographic patterns within pavement distresses at 70+ airfields across the continental United States.  I have many layers that I have already completed spatial analysis on (manually).  I had to change the values used to Krig from and would like to find a faster way to perform the Krig analysis using Python.

Bottom line:

I need to Krig 120 layers

I would like to use the first layer as a template for the remaining 119 layers because I need to change the parameters of lag size, # of classes, break values, and have it use the maximum of any coincidental points

Once created I would like to rename the Krig layer the same of the inputLayer + "Krig"


Any help would be great!! Thank you very much.