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Hyperlink or HTML Popup - need to open a folder

Question asked by kpaul on Oct 6, 2014
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Designing a mapping process with efficient maintenance. Each point and polygon may have many documents associated with it. License level prevents attachments. One-to-many relationship to table of links is a possible solution, but hard to maintain for the non-gis staff using the end product. If the hyperlink or html pop up provided a link to open a folder, then all new documents in the future could just be put in that folder. I have searched documentation and the internet and saw two people doing what looked to be solutions - (a) creating shortcuts (.lnk) files for each folder and (b) someone actually able to open a folder. Neither seem to work. ArcMap 10.2 Basic license, file gdb holds features. Folders of documents at same "layer" as mxd. Relative paths checked. Have tried hyperlink scripts both python and VBscript, and sample popup css file with the // lines tweaked. Closest I've gotten was a windows explorer opening, but to c:\ not the desired folder. Or get "Cannot find "file://<correct-filepath-and-folder-name>  Make sure the path or file name is correct." Or get nothing at all. Any thoughts or ideas welcome. Thanks.