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REST service missing features when published

Question asked by BrianO on Oct 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2017 by BrianO

Running version 10.2 of Server.

Created .mxd of desired data.  See the "ArcMap" image attached. Published as a "regular" map service (not a Feature Service).  When I preview the published service in ArcCatalog (see the "ArcCatalog" image attached), a number of my features are missing.  The attached image has red circles surrounding a few of the areas where this is occurring.


Joins are involved with this map service, but wouldn't all of the features fail to display if the join was at issue?  The display in ArcMap is the result of a query definition where a particular field of the joined table is not NULL.


I've looked at the data in the features that are not showing up in the published service and compared it to the data in the features that do show up and cannot see anything unusual.


Has anyone seen this behavior before?  Any ideas on how best to troubleshoot?


Thanks in advance,