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Tutorial 3: Map Control - Bug within New Map Layer > Mapping

Question asked by afsstl on Oct 6, 2014
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Hi there!


I am new to City Engine and started to work with the tutorials offered by ESRI. At the moment I stuck at tutorial 3 at step "skyline map". I tried to create a New Map Layer > Mapping, connected to the right png-File as Mapping file, filled in all the correct numbers for bounds, but I am not capable of adding a row to Mappings.


Whenever I add a new row and start typing something into one of the fields (Attribute / Channel / Minimum / Maximum), the row mistierioulsy disappears. It doesn't matter which field I try to fill in.


I am not sure if there is anybody here stil working on the tutorials and can eventually help me in this case. If not, I would consider it is a bug that only the IT-service at ESRI's can fix, right?


Thanks for any help!



Link to Tutorial: