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Execute CMD from a geoprocessing service to execute second scrypt.

Question asked by DanielaPalacios on Oct 2, 2014

Hello, I have seen this post and I have a couple of question myself and was wondering if you could help me please.


I have created 2 scripts.


first one: is the script that is published a geoprocessing service and call the CMD to execute the second python script that has the EXPORTReport called:


I have published my first script and I have run in in the REST and it seems to work, but it does not creates my report in the destinated file. see picture.


I am using Arcgid 10.2.2.


Thank you very much,



After printing messages when trying to run the second script. I get Error 1. thats it. It completly fails in opening the CMD to execute the second script.