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SDE layer fails to draw

Question asked by lifeform on Oct 2, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2014 by asengupta

I have setup ArcSDE 10.1 on postgres 9.0 and added some shapefiles with shp2sde. When I try to add the layer to the map panel of ArcMap 10.1 I get the following error message :


One or more layers failed to draw: sde.sde.medford_streets:  Invalid SQL syntax [ERROR:  syntax error at or near "." LINE 1: ...ord_streets.geom  , sde.medford_streets. from  sde.sde.medfo...                                                              ^ ::SQL state: 42601] [sde.sde.medford_streets] ---


Has anyone encountered this problem? I found this (NIM081670 - Data imported into SDE using the 'shp2sde' command.. ), but I do not have the license required for the Register with Geodatabase tool. So any other solutions or suggestions are very welcome. Thanks!